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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Treatments

belle âme Day Spa & Salon is proud to offer sessions on their revolutionary, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) medical device for optimum health benefits.  

More than 20 years in the making, this class 2 FDA-registered medical device holds five worldwide patents and has one million satisfied users in 42 countries. It is used in 4,000+ hospitals and clinics and has over 1,000+ top level athletes calling it their secret weapon. It is new to the USA. The company has signed a collaboration agreement with NASA to use this technology in NASA’s space suits.

It is a new, yet proven approach to optimum health and longevity using unique frequencies to enhance performance at a cellular level. 

The PEMF Medical Device has been scientifically shown to improve:

  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation
  • Sleep Problems
  • Concentration & Mental Acuity
  • Physical Fitness
  • Endurance, Strength & Energy
  • Cardiac Function
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Blood Flow & Circulation
  • Nutrient & Oxygen Supply to The Cells
  • Metabolic Function
  • Waste Disposal from The Cells

A Short Video Showing Before & After Use of The BEMER: v=3_zeMY6qGao

Testimonials: v=b2leVr9G_V8&index=2&list= PLXD-7Xy2K16nmrQUXBdX_ AZ41hHXEClFN 

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