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Couples Massage

Two therapists, two tables, and the two of you equal a deeply relaxing treatment that makes any special day perfect. You’ll both relax with side-by-side full body Swedish massages.

Romantic partners aren’t the only ones who enjoy couples sessions – we frequently work with mothers and daughters, sisters or friends who want to share a great escape!

  • $951 hour

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Sports Massage

Return your body to peak condition. Our Sports Massage promotes flexibility, reduced chance of injury, enhanced endurance and faster recovery time for improved athletic performance. This massage, designed especially for athletes, combines intense, constant pressure with targeted stretching to relieve sore muscles and maintain optimal condition.

  • $6560 Minutes
  • $9890 Minutes

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Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massage is a medium pressure massage designed relieve knots and pressure points without the intensity of a deep tissue massage. Your therapist will provide a customized massage to target specific areas of stress or tension to leave you feeling more comfortable, eased and relaxed.

  • $6060 Minutes
  • $9090 Minutes
  • $120120 Minutes

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Swedish Massage

Melt away stressful thoughts and body tension with our soothing Swedish Massage. This massage increases circulation, decreases muscle toxins and produces positive endorphins while easing tight muscles. You will walk out feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

  • $5060 Minutes
  • $8090 Minutes
  • $110120 Minutes

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Prenatal – Postnatal Massage

Feeling the effects of pregnancy in your back, neck, feet, and stress levels? This nurturing full body massage focuses on pregnancy-specific strain areas as it increases circulation, decreases water retention and helps balance hormone levels. Our massage therapist will customize gentle techniques for your condition. For pre-natal massage, you must be past the first trimester of your pregnancy. Please consult your physician prior to scheduling any massage therapy.
  • $751 hour

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Hot Stone Massage

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth, polished lava stones are heated and gently glided over the body. The combination of heat and gentle pressure relieves pain and achieves a deep state of relaxation.

This service is not recommended for those who are pregnant, have heart disease or other symptoms such as high blood pressure.

  • $601 hour
  • $961.5 hours
  • $1302 hours

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