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Arm Waxing

Our arm waxing treatment removes any unwanted hair from both of your arms.  Our specialists will take care of both arms in 45 minutes.  Once treated, hair will remain gone for weeks.  Regrowth will become visibly lighter with continued waxing treatments.

  • $4545 Minutes

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Cheek Waxing

Cheek waxing removes any downy fuzz from your cheeks. Our waxing specialists will take away the fuzz and leave your cheeks softer and smoother. Make up will glide on effortlessly after this treatment.

  • $1215 Minutes

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Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing will make you look instantly younger, wide-eyed, and rested. Let us help define your look with a brow waxing. It’s not as painful as tweezing and over in a moment. The results will last for weeks, and regrowth will be lighter with continued maintenance waxing services.

  • $1515 Minutes

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Full Facial Waxing Package

Our full facial waxing package takes care of eyebrows, lips, chin, cheeks and hairline.  Waxing is a quick, easy way to remove hair and will last 4 to 6 weeks.

  • $35.0030 Minutes

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Lip Waxing

Lip waxing is a quick, easy way to remove hair above your lip. Don’t try to shave or cut it, causing coarse regrowth. Let our Waxing Specialists remove it, smoothing your skin and keeping hair away for 4-6 weeks.

  • $1015 Minutes

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Chin Waxing

Chin waxing clears away hair and smooths skin. Our Specialists know what to do to remove hair and slow its regrowth.

  • $1215 Minutes

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Feet and Toes Waxing

Waxing removes hair from feet and toes, slowing regrowth and leaving skin smooth. Let our waxing specialists send you out sandal perfect.

  • $1010 Minutes

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Underarm Waxing

Underarm waxing means no more razor irritations. Our waxing specialists can remove hair, leaving your skin soft and supple.

  • $2015 Minutes

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Half Leg Waxing

Half leg Waxing. Stop shaving in the shower. Let our waxing specialists send you out knowing your legs look great.

  • $4530 Minutes

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Full Leg Waxing

Full leg Waxing. Let our waxing specialists send you out smooth and sleek. Be ready to slip into a summer dress, shorts, or swimsuit knowing your legs look their best.

  • $$601 hour

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